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Rotary Wood Dryer
Material: Alfalfa/straw/sawdust/marigold/wood shavings/manioc waste
Pellet Size: /
Power: 7.5KW
Capacity: 1-3T/H
Gurantee: 2 years
Application: Dry biomass materials of high moisture content in relatively large wood plant

Rotary Wood Dryer Introduction
Rotary drum dryer is your best choice to dry biomass materials of high moisture content and produce high quality biomass fuel. Biomoass materials go through dryer can improve biomass fuel efficiency of 5-15% and lower down emission. It can be used for drying a wide range of biomass materials such as alfalfa, straw, sawdust, marigold, wood shavings, manioc waste, bagasse, colza cake and leaves, etc. Featured by low energy consumption and high drying efficiency, it is widely employed in chemical industry, metallurgy, building and mine digging, etc. The heat efficiency reaches 80% which is much more higher than other drying equipment.
Rotary Dryer Structure
Consist of rotating cylinder, transmission device, supporting device and shoveling plates,etc, rotary drum dryer is a horizontal type drying device. This wood drying machine is reasonably designed and with large drying capacity of 1-3t/h. There are shoveling plates in different angels welded throughout inner side of the whole drum. The feeding place is set door ring and rotary shoveling plates to avoid materials splashing.
Sawdust Rotary Dryer Features
1. High temperature and heat air can dry biomass materials quickly and evenly.
2. High self-insulation thermal efficiency of 70% inside the drum.
3. Economic space occupation, easy to build and maintain.
4. Moisture content requirements is adjustable, depending on clients’demand.
5. Stable drying process, low energy consumption, low cost.
Rotary Drum Dryer Working Principle
Biomass materials with high moisture content are fed into rotary cylinder; shovelling plates inside the drum walls raise up materials and these materials scatter down to move in a spiral forward style. During the constant raising up and scattering down, biomass materials can absorb enough amout of heat, at the same time, the drying time is extended to achieve the best drying effects.
Rotary Drum Dryer Technical Data

Model No. Gradient(%) REV(r/min) Degree input(℃) Power(kw) Output(t/h) Weight(t)
AMS-HG0606  3-5  3-8  ≤700  3  0.5-1.5  2.9
AMS-HG0808  3-5  3-8  ≤700  4  0.8-2.0  3.5
AMS-HG0810  3-5  3-8  ≤700  4  0.8-2.5  4.5
AMS-HG1010  3-5  3-8  ≤700  5.5  1.0-3.5  5.6
AMS-HG1210  3-5  3-8  ≤700  7.5  1.8-5  14.5
AMS-HG1212  3-5  3-8  ≤700  11  2-6  14.8
AMS-HG1512  3-5  2-6  ≤700  15  3.5-9  17.8
AMS-HG1812  3-5  2-6  ≤800  18  5-12  25
AMS-HG2212  3-5  1.5-6  ≤800  18.5  6-15  33
AMS-HG2218  3-5  1.5-6  ≤800  22  10-18  53.8
AMS-HG2220  3-5  1.5-6  ≤800  30  12-20  56
AMS-HG2420  3-5  1.5-6  ≤800  37  18-30  60
AMS-HG3020  3-5  1.5-6  ≤800  55  25-35  78
AMS-HG3025  3-5  1.5-6  ≤800  75  32-40  104.9


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