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Wood pellet is a kind of green energy resources which are made from the sawdust and crop stalks. With high combustion efficiency and low pollution, wood pellet is replacing coal as the main fuel in industrial manufacture. Since there are a wide range of wood pellet products, how to choose the right wood pellet seems to be an important thing. In the following, we will give you some suggestions about it.

Firstly, you should check the ash content of the wood pellet. According to the Wood Pellet Production Guide, good quality wood pellet contains lower ash . The statistics have proved that the wood pellet made from pine ,beech, polar and other soft wood have less ash, so the combustion efficient are high.
Secondly, you should pay attention to the size of wood pellet. High quality wood pellets are evenly sized and with firm, solid consistency.
Thirdly, you should find out the moisture content of wood pellet. According to the test, wood pellets with more than 10 to 15 percent moisture content will burn unevenly. So when choosing the wood pellet, the lower moisture content, the higher the quality of the wood pellets.
Fourthly, you should look for the energy density or the calorific value of the wood pellet. Wood pellets with high energy density and calorific value will give off more heat and burn longer.
Last, you should also pay attention to the origin of the wood pellet. Since some wood pellets have been added in some additives, the quality of the wood pellet would be influenced by them, so when buying the wood pellets, you should check what the wood pellets are made from and whether additive have been added in them.

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