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It is often happened that the wood pellet mill is blocked when making pellets. This not only impacts the productive of wood pellets but also has bad influence on the machine itself. While how this problem comes? The answer is that the design of machine is probably the problem but it mostly due to the improper use of wood pellet mill.

professional pellet mill for fuelLet’s explain it in details and seek out the answer how to handle with the blocking.

1. The feeding rate is too fast. When feeding too fast, the load of the machine will  increase, then the block is occurred which will finally cause the overload of electric motor. Under this circumstances, the feeding hopper door should be turned down or turned off. Otherwise you can change the feeding way through increasing the feeder or choose manual feeder or automatic feeder according your needs.

2. The discharge pipe is blocked. The feeding speed is too fast or the discharge pipe not matches with the conveying equipment can both cause the block in discharge pipe. When the problem is found out, the air vents should be cleaned at once and the improper conveying equipment should be changed.

3. The broken or aging hammer, the closed mesh hole can also cause the block in grinder. So the machine should be checked regularly.

4. The feeding material contains too much water. Though there is not very strict limitation about the moisture content of the materials, too wet materials will block the grinder. So the moisture content of the materials should not higher than 14%.

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