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Introduction of Carbonization Furnace
Carbonization furnace is the ideal equipment for making charcoal briquettes. It is the key equipment for the whole charcoal making process. The carbonizing furnace adopts the latest technology and reasonable structure which increases the carbonizing ratio and shorten the carbonizing time.

Application of the Carbonization Furnace

charcoal briquettes made by carbonization furnace

The carbonization furnaces are widely used for processing charcoal with biomass briquettes, woods and forestry residues. The biomass briquettes are made from the sawdust and other agriculture residues such as crop straws, rice husks, bamboo shavings, grasses by using a charcoal briquette machine. And woods and forestry residues such as pine wood, willow wood, bamboo can also used as raw materials of carbonization furnaces which directly enter the carbonization furnace and been carbonized into wood charcoal without crushing powering and briquetting process. The charcoal briquettes made by the carbonization furnaces are with the features of high density, low volume, easy to burn and suitable for family and industry use.

Carbonization Furnace Classification
Carbonizing furnace contains three different styles, namely the airflow carbonization furnace, self ignite carbonization furnace, hoist carbonization furnace. Self ignite adopts unique mobile steel plate structure and the exhaust pipes are connected with the tar separator and induced draft fan. The airflow carbonization furnace is made of refractory material and adopts advanced hot air carbonizing technology. While Hoist type energy-saving carbonization furnace is a type of carbonization furnace suitable for family-based charcoal briquette carbonizing. The inner pot can be hanged outside which will save a lot cooling time, so the productivity increases a lot.

Remarkable Features of the Carbonizing Furnace
1. Though the three type carbonizing furnaces are different in structures and have some differences in volume and carbonizing time, they all have the following common features.
2. Easy operation and labor saving. A man can operate 3-5 carbonizing furnaces at the same time .
3. Adopt unique smoke decontamination equipment so that the furnace is environmental-friendly.
4. High carbonization rate and high efficient. The carbonization rate is about 40-60% and the rate of finished production is above 95%.
5. Durable. The furnace are made of specific materials and can be used for 4 or 5 years.
6. Equipped with tar storage device, which can get the tar and carbonizing at the same time.

Why Choose Carbonization Furnace?
It is the carbonizing technology and the carbonization furnace that influence the quality of the charcoal. Earth kiln and steel carbonization furnaces can both make charcoals, then why we choose steel carbonization furnaces?
☆ With high quality. Compared with charcoal made by earth kiln, the charcoal made by steel carbonizing furnaces are with higher quality.
☆ Time saving. Usually the carbonizing time of steel carbonization furnaces are about 2-7 days while it needs 15-20 days by using a earth kiln.
☆ Environmental friendly. Carbonization furnaces usually are less smoke or non-smoke, while earth kiln will cause air pollution.

Parameter of Carbonization Furnace

self-ignition Carbonization Furnace(Round)
2.15*2.15*9 m
self-ignition Carbonization Furnace(Square)
3*1.7*2.2 m
airflow Carbonization Furnace
3.4*1.8*2.3 m

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