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Charcoal Powder Briquette Machine Introduction

charcoal powder briquette machineCharcoal powder briquette machine is used to process the charcoal powder into charcoal briquettes. Mature technology, stable performance and easy operation, our charcoal powder briquette machine enjoys extensive popularity among clients. With high Calorific value and density, the charcoal briquettes produced by our charcoal powder briquette machine are most suitable for industrial boilers, home heating, barbecue, etc.

charcoal sticksCharcoal Making Machine Features
1. Longer service life: the service life of the quick-wear part is prolonged from 40 hours to 4000hours.
2. Lower power consumption and higher output: The power consumption is reduced by 60% with the output being increased by more than three times.
3. Higher carbon content of charcoal briquettes: By processing, the content of poor quality carbon can be improved from 60% to70%-75%, and the high quality carbon can be improved to more than 83%.
4. Higher quality of charcoal briquettes: The screw part is improved to make the final charcoal briquette with low moisture content and high density.
5. Easier and safer operation: the main engine is equipped with the follow-up pressure device and photoelectric cut-off device.

Charcoal Making Machine Technical Parameter

Model Power Capacity Raw material Charcoal Diameter Charcoal Shape
TFZBJ-I 7.5kw 150-300kg/h Carbon/Coal powder 20/30/40/50mm Strip/Triangle/Hexagon/Cylinder

shisha charcoal machineShisha Charcoal Machine Introduction
This Shisha charcoal briquette machine is applicable for making variety powder materials into round or square carbon plates. The output charcoal is in good density, perfect shape, and good appearance. Meanwhile, it is easy to kindle, smokeless and enjoy longer lasting time when burning. So our Shisha charcoal machine is the ideal choice for processing Shisha charcoal, incense carbon, etc.

shisha charcoalShisha Charcoal Machine Features
1. Humanization design ensures easy operation and maintenance.
2. The machine can save manpower and material resources greatly for its automatic hydraulic propelling device.
3. The size and density of charcoal can be adjusted according to the requirements of clients.4. The finished charcoal can be easily kindled by a match, besides it won’t release any smoke, odor or toxin when burning.

Shisha Charcoal Machine Parameter

Model Power Capacity Carbon plate size Shape
YPJ-01 4kw 180kg/h Thickness:15-20mm    Dia. : 30-40mm Round/Square

bbq charcoal machine

BBQ Charcoal Maker Introduction

BBQ charcoalBall shaped briquette maker is professional for molding charcoal powder and mainly produce kindle charcoal and BBQ charcoal. The final product that our machine gives is smokeless, non-toxic, odorless and environment friendly, besides, burning time is two times than ordinary products, so they are widely used for the outdoor or indoor barbecue with ventilation.

BBQ Charcoal Machine Features
1. High pressure, high molding rate, low power consumption.
2. The quick-wear part-roller is made of superior alloy steel forging, high strength and good wear-resisting property.
3. The feeder is equipped with switching device and controlling device which ensure feeding material evenly and continuously to the rollers.
4. With the hydraulic pressure system, the pressure of the rollers on the material can be adjusted flexibly.
5. The products have high density, high strength, and high hardness.

BBQ Charcoal Briquette Machine Technical Parameter

Model Roller diameter Output Power
AMS-YQJ-II 290mm 600kg/h 5.5kw
AMS-YQJ-III 360mm 1000kg/h 7.5kw


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