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Basic Information of Farm-use Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill
It is a kind of bevel-gear wood pellet machine and a new-type product of dense compression moulding, fulfilling the international requirements about biomass recourse regeneration. We manufacture this machine by importing German pelletizing technology and combining with our own improvement and innovation.

Farm-use Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill Features
1.The press roll of this machine employs bevel gear. The both ends of the machine have the same line-speed with the inner-outer ring of the die, avoiding the friction caused by dislocation, reducing the resistance and the energy loss, and prolonging the service life of the die.
2.The press roll has uniform setting up and stable performance, preventing feeding stuck.
3.This machine employs the central pressure regulating structure and various moulds with a diameter of 2-20mm to get the best pelletizing result, suitable for various raw materials.
4.The roller is the master part of the machine, made of high-quality alloy steel, prolonging the service life of the roller.

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Farm-use Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill Advantages
1.The press-roller enlargement enlarges the bearing, enhancing the ability of sustaining pressure.
2.The press-roller enlargement prevents the temp produced by extrusion and friction entering the bearing chamber to ensure the bearing work under low temperature with no lubricating grease spilling.
3.the press-roller can be repaired 2-3 times after its enlargement, prolonging its working life, reducing the production cost and increasing profit ratio.
4.This machine has several press-roller uniformly distributed with stable operation, increasing the pressing area, improving the producing efficiency.
5.The compression molding can be diversified by changing the mould of cylinder or pellet, etc.

fertilizer pellet machineFarm-use Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill Application
This ring die pellet mill is mainly used for crude fiber pelletizing, such as the wood scrap, rice husk, cotton stalk, cotton seed hull, weed, etc. Crop straw; household waste; factory waste; the material with low bonding rate and pelletizing rate. At the same time, this machine also can be used to make pellets of biologic fertilizer, organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, etc. under low temperature.

Farm-use Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill Parameter

Motor (KW)
Motor Rotary Speed (r)
Die Diameter (mm)
Die Rotary Speed (r/min)
Die Hole Diameter (mm)
Dimension (mm)
Weight (kg)

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