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Pellets are produced from untreated wood under high pressure and without addition of chemical adhesives. Raw material are mostly residues of the wood industry such as sawdust and wood shavings. Pellet heating systems come in many different sizes and designs. Size, in terms of heating ability, is determined by consumption rate. In other words, how many pounds of fuel does the appliance use per hour. There is usually a low and a high number, giving you the range of heat output capable by the burning pellets in wood pellet stoveappliance.

Wood Pellet Stoves
Pellet stoves which are used as individual room heating installed in almost any room and are best used as a secondary focal point, meaning you may have another focal point in the room like an entertainment center, library, or picture windows. Most pellet stoves need a non-combustible surface on the floor. Pellet stoves are also a great replacement for existing wood stoves and can usually be positioned closer to a combustible wall than the wood stove, taking up less space in the room.

Biomass Pellet Furnaces & Boilerswood pellet boiler
A pellet furnace or boiler can be used in conjunction with your existing central heating system. Pellet boilers are differentiated into semi-automatic and fully-automatic pellet heating systems.They are normally installed next to your existing furnace or boiler. In pellet central heating systems, the fuel is transported automatically to the boiler. The pellet boilers are connected with the pellet storage by an auger (mechanical fuel system) or a suction system (pneumatic system), from which the pellets are transported fully automatically into the boiler. No manual work is necessary for the fuel supply. Upgrading your oil or gas heating system to wood pellet fuel requires no permanent modification to your existing heating system.

Advantages of Wood Pellet Heating System
☆ Safe and clean-burning
Wood pellet heating systems use proven, familiar combustion principles. It’s clean and without unpleasant odours.
☆ stably price and abundant feedstocks
Wood pellets are a relatively cheap, renewable, sustainable fuel in comparison to domestic heating oil and natural gas.
☆ Environmentally friendly
Pellets burn CO2 neutral i.e. they only emit the CO2 that they have absorbed during the growth phase.
☆ High efficiency
Today’s pellet heating systems are state-of-the-art, burn the fuel with an extremely high efficiency and with minimal emissions.

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