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How to Take Good Care of the Biomass Pellet Mill

As the main equipment in the biomass energy industry, pellet machine is the professional tool to press wood pellet, straw pellet and other biomass pellets. For raw materials, they have characteristics of little density, low adhesive force, high abrasion and high power consumption etc. So it is very important to take good take of the pellet machine in the daily use.

Now the Following are Some methods to Maintain the Pellet Mill

1. Grind the die. Before using the new pellet machine or new die, must grind the rollers and die sufficiently using proportional sand, used oil, and wheat bran. Because our die and rollers are handled by treatment, so there will be some burr inside the die hole, block the raw materials flowing and forming. We suggest our customers grind the die and roller according to our operation construction.

2. Lubricate and cool the rollers. Rollers are the key part for the pellet machine. Rollers make the material into the die hole and press them into pellets. Their temperature is high when working, so lubricate oil supply in succession and heat loss can prolong the service life of the rollers, increasing the rollers effective work time.

3. Examine and replace the quick-wear part. The pellet machine is with high labor intensity, so it is necessary to have a continuous tracking and monitoring in the whole process of the production. Such as current, voltage, noise, dust, particle status, oil quantity. Deal with the breakdown in time, and replace the broken quick wear part quickly. Hope these methods are useful for you. We will provide super quality machine and considerate service.

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