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burning wood pellets-wood pellet burnerWood pellets, the utilization of agro-forestry wastes such as straw, sawdust, bagasse, etc. as raw material, are made into biomass pellets fuel by wood crusher, wood dryer and wood pellet mill. Wood pellets are a new green energy fuel, which is mainly used to replace traditional fossil fuel (coal, oil and gas) and are mainly applied to the following industries:wood pellet boiler

1. Wood Pellets Fuel Direct Combustion in Mostly Small or Medium-sized Boilers.
Due to the fuel unprocessed, it saves investment costs, so it is for small or medium-size boiler in China. This kind of boiler fuel is based on the industrial wastes, burning feeding extensive with wood pellet stovemanual. And the furnace has air leakage seriously with security risks. Herewith, the efficiency of boiler is not high overall. However, for boiler user enterprises, it saves significantly investment of fuels and expenditure of wastes disposal, because it utilities the steam or heating from the wastes producing. Wood pellets fuel with less pollution and fully combustion, are favored and applied by many enterprises.

2. Burning In Small Furnace For Domestic Heating and Hot Water Supply
This application is mainly used wood pellets as fuel, especially in Northern Europe, because there is no related products development, this application is almost blank. This kind of small furnace is suitable for home use and with small design, simple structure and nice appearance.

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