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What is biomass energy? Biomass refers to renewable organic materials that can be used to produce energy. It is a solar energy which is shaped by solar energy in form of chemical energy. It directly or indirectly comes from the photosynthesis of plants and can be convert to solid, liquid and gaseous fuel. When talking about biomass energy , what will people first think about are plants which are exist before human came into being. Differently from resources like coal , oil and other non-renewable fuel ,biomass energy is renewable. Biomass energy includes timber, agricultural and forest residues,aquatic plant,oil plants, industrial organic waste, animal waste and so on .

Currently the energy that produced by the photosynthesis of plants is about 173billion ton , 10 to 20 times of the total energy consumption of the world . However ,the use efficiency is still not amount to 3%. With the development of industry , the air pollution is more and more serious especially in north China. Now the government are advocating the using of biomass fuel to replace coal and oil to realize low carbon and environmental protection. And countries like American and Japanese are also marketing toward the biomass energy. Biomass will be the leading fuel in future.wood pellet mill/pellet mill history

Under this circumstances, as one of the biomass energy equipments ,wood pellet mill developed quickly.Wood pellet mill is a productive machine that crush eucalyptus,pine,birch, poplar,fruit wood ,the straw of crops and bamboo sawdust into saw powder then process them into biomass fuel.

The advantages of using wood pellet mill machine
☆ Energy conserving. Wood pellet mill equipments can use wood sawdust to produce biomass fuel which reduce the using of non-renewable energy.
☆ Environmental friendly. Since the products of wood pellet mill machine are renewable and green ,it will cause less pollution.
Generally speaking, the development of biomass energy promote the boom of wood pellet mill machine , and as one of biomass energy equipments wood pellet mill machine also provides useful tool to develop biomass energy.

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