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Wood pellet mill is a productive machine that crush eucalyptus, pine, birch, poplar, fruit wood , the straw of crops and bamboo sawdust into saw powder then process them into biomass fuel. Since it came into use, it has brought great economic benefits for the manufactures and users. However, how about the market prospects of wood pellet mill ? Definitely it is vast. The reasons are as follows:

Rich Source of Raw Materials for Wood Pellets Making
The materials of wood pellet mill are rich. China is one of the most important agricultural countries in the world, which has varieties kinds of crops and the quantity is big. Rice, corn and wheat are the main crops, while their waste-straw are the main biomass energy in China. The total annual production of the agricultural straw are amount to 614 million tons, of 15% are used to produce manure, of 25% are used as feedstuff, of 9% are used as industrial raw materials, and about 51% can be used as energy. However, most of them are directly burned or dumped in the field. In additional, the wood residues and bagasse are also not fully used. In this point, the materials of wood pellet mill are of large quantity, which are beneficial to the development of wood pellet mill.

Wide Application of Wood Pellets
The usage of pellet fuel are wide. Pellet fuel can both use for home heating and living energy and main fuel of industrial boiler and power plant.

Considerable Price for Wood Pellets
The price of wood pellet is high. Since pellet fuel has the features of high combustion efficiency and easy to store, the price of the wood pellet is high. The price of wood pellet in American is 411 dollars per ton, the delivery price in Sweden is 411 dollars per ton, FOB Amsterdam price is 311 dollars per ton

Supporting Policies
The national policy supports the development of biomass energy. Since the burn and dump of the agricultural straw not only caused air pollutions but also brought many social problems, China has put forward some policies to promote the deep processing of agricultural straw. In additional, the government has brought straw pellet into financial subsidy.
The development of biomass energy brings a new opportunity for wood pellet mill. The government has took many measures to develop biomass energy. Nowadays,the pollutions are more and more serious which requires new clean energy to replace the traditional fuel-mine. As one of the biomass energy , wood-pellet which is the production of wood pellet mill will have broad market prospect.

All of the above reasons will demonstrate one point , that is , the wood pellet mill will have a broad market prospect.

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