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Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill or Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill

Wood pellet mill is an efficient machine which applied for wood pellet compression. It can be divided into two groups: ring die wood pellet mill and flat die wood pellet mill. However, people often get confused on choosing wood pellet mill. Which one is better, ring die wood pellet mill or flat die wood pellet mill?

Well, first, we should look at their differences.
1. The feeding ways are different.
Ring die wood pellet mill adopts forced feeding method, the raw materials enter the pelletizing chamber through high speed revolution, then the scraper in the machine distribute the raw materials unevenly. While flat die wood pellet mill can feed evenly for the raw materials enter directly into the crushing chamber rely on their own gravity.
2. The pressure is different.
The pressure of ring die is fixed since the ring die diameter of the ring die wood pellet mill is limited by the diameter mould of the ring die. So when the crude fiber materials are fed in, it is hard to produce high quality pellets with the limited pressure and the wear to the machine also very large. On the contrary, the pressure of the flat die wood pellet mill is changeable and with great density. Crude fiber materials like straws and sawdust need high pressure to be pelletized can use flat die wood pellet mill.
3. The discharging ways are different.
Since the rotate speed of ring die is very high, the breakage of the pellets is high. Compared with ring die, flat die is of low-speed revolution, so the breakage is lower. Flat die wood pellet mill can pelletize the pellet with more smooth surface.
4. The capacity of them are different.
The output of flat die wood pellet mill is about 300 to 3000 kilogram, while the output of ring die wood pellet mill is about 800 kilo to 20 ton.

Then how should we choose wood pellet mill with these differences between ring die wood pellet mill and flat die wood pellet mill? There are three things you should take into consideration:
* The purpose of buying wood pellet mill.
With the differences in the above design, we can see flat die wood pellet mill are more applicable for processing crude fiber materials while ring die pellet mill are more suitable for processing feed pellets and O-fiber raw materials.
* The raw materials you owned.
Different raw materials requires different pressure. So when buying the wood pellet machine you should take the raw materials you have into consideration. If your raw materials are hard to pelletize, you need buy flat die wood pellet mill, otherwise you can buy ring die wood pellet mill.
* The output of your factory.
Compared with flat die wood pellet mill, ring die wood pellet mill is charactered by large output which is more suitable for mass production and flat die wood pellet mill is more applicable for small workshops.
* The money you invest.
The price of ring die pellet mill machine is much higher than flat die pellet mill machine.
In addition, the energy consumption of flat ring die wood pellet mill is lower.