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Market for Wood pellets

The Pellet Fuels Institute, an industry association, reports that over 80 pellet mills in North America currently produce more than 1 million tons of pellets annually. Markets for wood pellets are well-established, especially in the northeast of the United States. Rising prices for fossil fuels such as fuel oil and natural gas are leading to increased interest in wood pellet heating. Concern over global climate change is also stimulating interest in wood pellets and other“carbon-neutral” energy sources.
Currently, nearly all wood-heating boiler installations and pelletizing machines have a large market share in forest industry plants which have abundant raw materials. However, meanwhile we are beginning to see wood pellet boiler installations in other industries such as textile, power stations, brick plants, greenhouses, tanneries,etc.

Why Should Consider Wood Pellets for Heating of Industrial Boilers?

The reason is that using biomass fuels helps mitigate such environmental issues as acid rain and global climate change. Perhaps the greatest advantage of biomass fuels, however, is that they cost on average 25-50 percent less than fossil heating fuels and are more stable in pricing. In addition, the technology is becoming well established in the North American market and the choice to heat with biomass fuels can be as simple as choosing a traditional fossil fuel heating system.
What’s more, advantages of wood pellets:

• Convenient and easy to use, also can be bulk stored in less space than other biomass fuels

• Have a high energy content, and the technology is highly efficient

• A clean-burning, renewable and recycling fuel source

• Ready-to-get raw materials, are produced from waste materials such as forestry residues and sawdust

• Price stable compared to fossil fuels

Choose Reliable Pellet Mill Supplier

To make nice wood pellets, the most important thing is to choose a reliable pellet mill supplier with good quality equipments and rich experience. Since the market is filled with various manufactures, you should have a thoughtful consideration of the comprehensive factors. As the leading manufacturer and supplier of pelletizing machines and complete wood pellet plant, we are always devoted to provide clients with best equipments, professional guidance and first-class service.

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