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With the growing profits in biomass energy and increasing price of fossil fuel, people are inclined  to select wood products as alternative fuels. Wood pellets offer an additional clean and convenient way to heat for homeowners and industrial production, thus is a cost-saving and environmental-friendly fuel option.

Why Choose Wood Pellet as Heating Solutions?
Wood Pellets-a clean, convenient, cost effective alternative to conventional fuel.
Compared to conventional fuels like coal, gas and fossil fuel, wood pellets possess many incomparable superiorities while used as heating solutions for homeowners and industrial production.

Clean and environmental friendly
The wood pellets combust with less ash during ignition and burning, which is almost zero environmental pollution. Consequently, it can help balance the gap between eco-friendly and alternative energy selection.

Energy saving and resource recycling
Biomass and agro-wastes all can be wood pellets raw materials such as straw, sawdust, tree branch, sunflower seed husk, etc. This can realize the resource recycling and also is energy saving to a certain extent.

Broad application
Biomass pellet is a good substitute for conventional firewood and liquefaction gas. And it is widely used for biomass pellets burner, wood pellet stove, heating furnace, industrial boilers, hot water boilers, biomass power plant, homeowners, etc.

Wood pellets are produced with uniform moisture content, shape, size, and density, matching the needs from the automated combustion systems of stoves and boilers. They also take up less space in storage than other biomass fuels because they have a higher energy content by weight.

Wood Pellets: Heating Solutions for Homeowners and Industrial Production
According to the Pellet Fuels Institute, more than 600,000 homes in the United States and Canada use wood pellets as an economical and environmental-friendly heat source for their home heating. Besides, wood pellets are also widely used for industrial production of heating furnace, industrial boilers, hot water boilers, biomass power plant.
Wood pellets are a local, renewable resource for providing reliable heat. They are a condensed uniformly sized form of biomass energy, making them easier to store and use than many other biomass fuels. Pellet heating technology is also quite simple, minimizing operation and maintenance requirements. These heating systems can be easy to plan for and install and can save a building owner and enterprises thousands of dollars in energy costs over time while providing significant local economic and environmental benefits.

In conclusion, the new, renewable and clean fuel-wood pellets which used for heating of homeowners and industrial production do bring about considerable benefits and make cost-savings. So if you want to reduce your heating cost, wood pellets are inevitable your best choices. Want to make your own wood pellets, please feel free to contact with us. As the leading supplier and manufacturer of wood pellet mills, we are willing to give you intimate service and professional advice.

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