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How to Make Wood Pellets

With people’s increased awareness of protecting the environment, more and more people pay much attention to the biomass energy. It is becoming a trend that biomass pellets replace the traditional coal energy. Along with this trend, some investors turn to biomass fuel production field to gain the promising market. Consequently, many kinds of pellet mills emerge as the times require. How to choose a suitable pellet mill, there is some tips for your reference.

Choose a Suitable Pellet Mill

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☆ Choose a good pellet mill manufacturer. Good pellet mill manufacturer features providing high quality pellet mills and cushy maintenance. You choose one company as your partner because it can respond in time when you need help.

☆ Reliable after sale service. The after sale service of one company must be connected easily through a phone call or an email to supply their technical backup for their customers.

☆ Convenient operation is also an important factor because if a pellet mill is too complicated for people to operate, it will lose many customers for not all the customers are engineers.

☆ Convenient operation design plays a significant role in the manufacturer reputation. Biomass pellet mill produced by reliable manufacturer will be very safe and stable.

☆ Cost is another important thing you should consider before buying any products. And the important index is that no matter the pellet mill or the replacement parts, they must be affordable.

☆ Choose a most suitable pellet mill according to your own needs, including the output, raw material and energy supply.

☆ Now we know how to choose a suitable pellet mill, next is have a better understanding of the production technics of wood pellets making.

Wood Pellets Processing Technics

Generally, a complete wood pellet production line for making wood pellets including:
Raw materials preparation, wood crushing (if the raw material is not already granulated), drying (if the raw material contains too much moisture), pelletizing, cooling, and packing.

However, while using a pellet mill to make wood pellets, some details also need pay attention to, like carefully read the operation instructions and follow the professional technicians guidance, forbid from putting hands into the chamber when the pelletizing machine is running. Amisy, a leading manufacturer of pellet mills, are willing to provide you with high quality pellet mills and help you make your own high grade wood pellets.

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