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A wood pellet mill consists of many parts, such as die, roller, roller shell, bearing, gearbox, screw feeder and so on. A stable operating can be realized through the efforts of all parts. Here let’s have a detailed understanding of the spare parts and easy-wear parts of wood pellet mills

ring die of ring die wood pellet millRing Die
The ring die is a metal cylindrical shape unit with holes through which feed is forced to pellets. The alloy steel die made by international German gun drill and American vacuum furnace has long service life and ensures high quality pellets.

flat die of small pellet millFlat Die
The modern flat die pellet mill has two or three rollers and the diameter of holes is usually 2.5-12mm. Compared to ring die, the flat die is more simply designed and features compact structure. Generally, dies are made of various types of metals to make sure the die can resist to corrosion, however, our flat die is made of high quality alloy steel with best pellet die compression ration.

pellet machine rollerRollers
The main purpose of the rollers is to help the material mixture to get into the die hole, thus the roll shape and construction are designed for preventing the slippage of the material and give a smooth surface for a better discharge. Flat die pellet mill usually have two or three rollers, while the ring die pellet mill usually have two rollers.

roller shell of pellet millRoller Shell
The roller shell is the surface where raw materials are pressed against the die. Since the roller shells and the die are closely related in the pelletizing process, the life of roller shells is quite crucial for the performance of the die. A good roller shell should be made of alloy or stain. When feed is forced through the die holes at a high speed, the mutual pressure between the ring die and roller shells will work to overcome the resistance. Under their effect, materials become tight layers. Then they can be further processed as pellets.

Bearings are crucial for the stable operation of machinery although they are hidden in machinery. The basic function of bearings is reducing mechanical friction to ensure the pellet mill run more efficiently and smoothly. Our high quality SKF bearings made in Switzerland contribute to lower energy consumption, high efficiency and steady driving with low noise.

pellet cutting knivesPellet Cutting Knives
The pellet cutting knives are all made of stainless steel with grease fittings and seals to keep grease in, eliminating corrosion and making adjustment easy. The main purpose of the knife is to cut the pellet to a given size as required.

Amisy has adequate high quality wood pellet mill spare parts in stock to ensure our client’s emergency needs and can take prompt delivery. Any needs, please feel free to contact us, we are wholehearted to provide high quality products and first-class service for you.

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