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Double Roller Wood Debarker Introduction
Wood debarker is used to peel log wood tree bark off while roller inside rotating with immensely rapid revolving. With double roller, it makes efficiency and speed running neck and neck come true. Wood supplying and discharging simultaneously occur in different sides of the debarker, which, to a large extent, promote barking efficiency and save production time. As to tree bark scrap, they are transported by the belt conveyor which is right below the two rotating rollers, and pulled together in wood-feeding end for further disposal. Three workers will be quite enough in the whole processing.

wood log

peeled wood logs

Double Roller Wood Debarker Features
I. Design Feature
● use of four-edge blade, high efficiency
● mechanized production, highest labor productivity.
● Operated easily. Blade dish is controlled by hydraulic pressure with reliable performance. The feeding device works with variable speed, which has good barking effect to tree which is difficult to be debarked, such as frozen wood and bending material.

II. Structure Characteristic
Double roller wood debarker consists of feeding device, discharging device, blade, belt conveyor and chassis.

wood log debarking machine

Wood Debarker Machine Application
Wood/log debarking machine is applied to debark and treat fresh cut soft wood and some broad leaf wood, also suitable for some frozen wood and dry wood. It is suitable for large, medium and small paper mills, pulp mill, wood factory, wood processing plant, forestry factory, timber yard, artificial board factory (such as plywood plant, medium density fiberboard factory etc.). Many of our customers for making wood pellets also buy this efficient logs debarking machine for the preprocessing of raw wood.

If your material is wood logs for making wood pellets, the standard wood pellet making procedure is as follows:
Logs debarking- wood chipping-wood chips crushing–sawdust dryingsawdust pelletizing– wood pellet cooling-wood pellet packing.
We are ready here to making an cost-effective solution for your wood processing business.

Double Roller Wood Debarker Technical Parameter

Double Roller Wood Debarker
Log Dia.
Overall Dimension (length×width)
Weight (t)

Single Roll Wood Log Debarking Machine Working Video

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