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Wood Shavings Machine Introduction
Wood shaving machine, also known as wood wool machine, is specially designed to shave round wood of different diameters into good quality wood shavings such as timbers, wood logs, branches and plate edges and etc.. The wood shavings manufactured by wood shaver can be adjusted in suitable size to be able to be used as bedding at livestock farming and breeding such as horses, pigs, cows, sheep, chicken, pets and other animals. Our high-precision wood shaver machine is an ideal solution for producing a variety of wood shavings, which is particularly beneficial to the horse breeding business, poultry facility or animal farm, because you have the chance to convert wood shavings into superior animal bedding products!


Features of Wood Wool Machine
1. Design feature
Our top-notch wood shaver is designed to convert different types of waste material into top-quality wood shavings. The shaving machine adopts automatic feeding system, contributing to easier operation compared with traditional one, increased productivity, working time and manpower saving. It can shave both hard wood and soft wood. What’s more, the thickness of the final wood shavings can be adjust flexible.
● Rational design, made of high manganese steel and compact structure
● Driven by only one motor, it is high efficient and cost effective.
● Safe, durable knives and low noise
● Stable performance, high output and competitive price
● Easy installation and convenient to maintain

2. Structure characteristics
Automatic wood shaver mainly consists of six parts: machine frame, platform on the frame, knife rest on the platform, distribution box, wood clamping device and wood reciprocating motion device.
Contact pressure between wood and shaving blades keeps uniform, and reciprocating motion velocity of wood also keep uniform, therefore wood shavings manufactured are featured with uniform thickness.



Wide Application of Wood Shavings
1. As bedding for animals such as the horse, pig, chicken, rabbit, cow, sheep and so on
2. Raw materials for making the wood pulp paper in paper making factory
3. Used as biological energy source for making biomass pellet
4. Raw material for making the high density board etc.
5. Transport fillings for fragile things

Maintenance of Wood Shaving Machine
1. Each day after working, adjust the tightness of the belt, and loosing for 6-10mm is suitable.
2. Each day after working, please clear the inside of machine and make sure there is no remaining left in machine.
3. Add grease into bearing seat in time ( one time after 3-4 hours working)

Our Service
Pre-sale service
1. A set of spare parts and package provided.
2. All the machine will be tested before shipment.
3. Pack the machine in standard export wooden case and our long-term cooperated shipping company will ship it timely and safely.

After-sale service
1. Spare parts can be purchased from us.
2. Professional consultation and problem solution will be provided.

Technical Data of Wood Shaving Machine

Motor power
Cutter number

Working Video of Wood Shaver Machine

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