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PTO Wood Pellet Mill Introduction
PTO refers to power take off. A PTO wood pellet mill is a kind of pellet making machine connected with a tractor and be powered by the tractor. This PTO wood pellet mill is a small pellet mill special designed for farm use.

biomass wastes for making wood pelletsWide Application of PTO Driven Wood Pellet Mill
☆ Since this PTO pellet mill is suitable for farmers, so the raw materials for PTO wood pellet mill are usually easy to get. Sawdust, shavings, rice husk, cotton stalk, cotton seed skins, weeds and crop stalks and other plant wastes can all be pelletized into high quality pellets by using the PTO driven wood pellet mill.
☆ The pellets made by the machine are mainly used as fuels for stove, furnace and other heating equipments. In addition, the PTO pellet mill can also make pellets for animal bedding and animal feed.

Advantages of PTO Wood Pellet Mill
1. With reasonable design and compact structure. The PTO wood pellet mill is designed to be connected and disconnected easily.
2. Easy and convenient to use. Since the machine can connected with the tractor, so it is easy to move the PTO pellet mill .
3. Low energy consumption and high efficient. Since the PTO wood pellet mill is powered by the tractor, it can work continuously and use less energy. The PTO driven wood pellet mill can make pellets 40-550 kg/h.
4. With a competitive price. Since the PTO wood pellet mill is without power engine, so the price the lower and the farmers can take advantage of their tractors to be used as the power.
5. Can customized according your requirement. We have 8 different models of PTO wood pellet mill in different size and production capacity, we can offer you PTO pellet mill according to your requirement.

choose proper pto driven pellet mill for making fuel pelletsWhy Choose PTO Wood Pellet Mill?
◆ Compared with other types of pellet mill, PTO wood pellet mill are more small in volume and light in weight, the machine is movable.
◆ PTO driven pellet mill is powered by the tractor and others are powered by engines which makes the machine is more suitable for farm use.
◆ Relatively high working efficiency. The PTO driven pellet mill have a relatively high working efficiency than other types of wood pellet mills considering the energy it use.

Tips for Using PTO Driven Wood Pellet Mill
▶ Control your feeding speed. Since PTO wood pellet mill is only one source of power at one speed and without a variable speed control system, so you should pay attention to the feed speed.
▶ Choose suitable PTO pellet mill according to the tractor you own. Since the PTO wood pellet mill is connected with the tractor, you when buying the machine you should make sure your tractor is suitable to support the PTO driven pellet mill.
▶ Make sure that the moisture content of the raw materials before pelletizing is about 12-20%.
▶ Read the instructions carefully before using the PTO driven wood pellet mill. Since people are standing directly next to the shaft, so it is very necessary to follow the instructions to operate the machine safely.

Technical Data of PTO Pellet Mill for Making Wood Pellets

Power 6-10 hp 6-12 hp 10-18 hp 18-28 hp 28-45hp 45-55hp 50-60hp  50-70hp
Die diameter 120mm 150mm 200mm 230mm 260mm 300mm 360mm 400mm
Size of die hole 2.5-10mm 2.5-10mm 2.5-10mm 2.5-10mm 2.5-10mm  2.5-10mm  2.5-10mm  2.5-10mm
Capacity 40-60kg/h 50-90kg/h 110-140kg/h 150-190kg/h 220-280kg/h 300-360kg/h  300-380kg/h  400-550kg/h
Packing dimension 570*410*760
Moisture content 12%-20% 12%-20% 12%-20% 12%-20% 12%-20% 12%-20% 12%-20% 12%-20%
Weight 70/80KG 90/100KG  140/160KG  170/190KG  200/230KG  280/300KG  310/320KG  340/360KG


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