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The biomass fuel is taking the fouth place of the world’s total energy consumption after coal, oil and gas. The experts predict that biomass is likely to become an important part of sustainable energy systems in the future, in the middle of next century, the biomass alternative fuels will account for 40% consumption of the world’s total fuel.

With the continuous development of china’s economy, the energy shortage problem has become increasingly serious. In order to biomass pellets productionsolve the energy crisis, reduce the environmental pollution, and protect the ecological environment, it is particularly important to develop and utilize the biomass energy. Biomass fuel such as crop straw, rice husk, sawdust and other agricultural wastes are first crushed by wood hammer mill, then fed into the wood pellet mill to form solid biomass pellets. Then, they can be used as fuel combustion directly.

In other countries, the wood pellets production has matured, such as Denmark, Germany, Belgium, the United States, Japan and other countries have already achieved a commercial process, its products are mainly used for heating furnace, boiler, and power generation. Currently, our research and development of biomass pellet machine has also been used in the production. The emissions of pollutants is lower than coal, is an efficient, clean renewable energy, at the same time, it is very prominent to use the mechanical machining with feed.

At the present, the main shape of the biomass briquette is rod, block and granular. The several shapes fuel processing methods are the traditional methods of production, it has some problems widely like high energy consumption, serious wear and short life.

To solve the above problems, we can through the following ways.
☆ Increase the research investment. Actively research and develop the new technology and new equipment, reduce energy consumption and reduce the production costs.
☆ Introduction the foreign advanced equipment. Take the essence and discard the dregs to form the industrial production.
☆ Government support. The government should give some financial subsidies to the company in order to reduce the product cost.

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