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With a large and rapidly expanding timber industry, wood pellet in Vietnam has been rapid development for several years.As far as 2010, total production capacity of the large Vietnam wood pellet mill plants was reported to achieve 140 k tonnes. Parts of these pellets was exported mainly to South Korea (up 48.2%), Japan (20.3%), China (14.7%), and the U.S. (7.2%). Wood pellets used in local Vietnam is mainly for the purpose of electricity and home heating.

ring die wood pellet mill VietnamVietnam Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill
In Vietnam, the common raw materials to process wood pellets are wood chips, wood shaving and rich husk. In industrial production,wood pellet manufacturer prefer to choose ring die pellet mill to increase the the production efficiency and quality of the wood pellets. Ring die wood pellet mill in Vietnam is suitable for relatively large production capacity and can be equipped with inner oil spraying device, making pellets surface more smooth and solid. That’s the reasons for the hot sale of Vietnam  wood pellet mill.

As one of the world’s leading rice exporters,Vietnam generates large volumes of Vietnam wood pellet planthusk in a three-season year. Rice husk can be directly used for rice husk pellets.Instead of using rice husk to product animal food,fertilizers and particle boards or as fuel in rural households and small businesses, rice husk is now widely used in biomass fuel pellet processing as Vietnam is seeking renewable energy sources to support its economic development.

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